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Pay As You Go Auto FAQ’s
Q          Can I break the agreement if my circumstances change?
A          Yes you can.
Q          Can I increase my deposit in an effort to purchase a newer or bigger car?
A          Yes you can. Individual requirements for clients can be arranged subject to consideration.
Q          What do I do with my trade In?
A          Your trade in is not a problem, we can factor its value into the overall transaction.

Q          I have two part time jobs do I qualify?
A          No you don’t qualify. You must be in full time employment,
Q          I don’t have a mortgage, I rent, do I qualify?
A          Yes.
Q          Do I actually own the car that I am paying for?
A          Yes. Ownership remains with the client once the sticker price is paid in full.
Q          Is this just a rental scheme?
A          No, this is a slow track to ownership.
Q          Are there any hidden costs?
A          No all costs are up front.
Q          Do I pay interest?
A          No
Q          How do I apply?
A          Applications for consideration are taken over the phone or face to face.

         Do you supply crewcabs and can i reclaim vat on vans and crewcabs ?

         Yes we supply a range of crewcabs and all come with vat invoices.

Q          I am VRT and Vat exempt ( mobility) can you supply a car with all of the benifits ?

A          Yes .. we will use your VRT and Vat as your deposit. UK cars give mobility drivers the same benifits as a new car.

Q          Can i exchange or trade my car during the contract.

A          Yes but only where cost of contract 1 is fully paid.



About Pay As You Go Auto Ltd

This is a very creative scheme that allows clients to upgrade their vehicles based on their repayment capacity today and not on credit issues that haunt them from the past. Many of our customers have legacy credit issues such as mortgage arrears , repossessions , credit union loans or in some cases bigger issues such as a business collapse. The scheme ignores all of that and focuses on the customers ability to pay today based on their income of today. All applicants must be in full time employment or self employed.

Pay As You Go is an interactive scheme that allows a customer to pay off the value of the car over a 24/36 month period by paying the dealership directly. It is designed to specifically avoid the bureaucracy of banks and traditional loans avoiding issues such as direct debits , standing orders , interest charges and general fees.

It is about assisting people and giving people a second chance specifically those that are currently going through or exiting personal insolvency or bankruptcy.

We guarantee 95% approval.

Once approved a client can choose/order from a selection of vehicles assuming that they have a cash deposit.

Pay As You Go is a unique interest free motoring concept that's allows you to upgrade on a continuous basis. Ownership is guaranteed. This is not a rental scheme.

We supply cars , vans , crew cabs , taxi and offer full mobility exemptions.

In the first 4 years over 18,000 people made direct contact to discuss their specific car needs. In 2015 the scheme expanded by launching Pay As You Go Pro , Premium and Pay As You Go Express. 2016 was the biggest sales year for Pay As You Go. Then In 2017 the scheme delivered its first €35,000 + vehicle. During August 2017 we launched Pay Go FaceTime which allows you to apply , get approved & drive away all in the same day. Another first in the Irish motor industry.
2018 will be our 5th year.

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