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Pay As You Go Taxi


The first and only dedicated Pay as you Taxi purchase scheme dedicated to assisting independent self employed taxi/hackney owners to upgrade their car. Ownership is guaranteed within either 25/36 months.

The cars supplied are hand picked by our owners in order to offer a perfect blend of quality, value and relevant mileage. Currently our top selling models are Toyota Avensis, Opel Insignia and Ford Mondeo,Skoda Octavia & VW Passat. All cars go though the appropriate safety checks prior to delivery. This service will focus only on owners that can prove that they are self employed for more a minimum of 2 years.


Specific conditions for qualification:

(1) Must be self employed holding an active and current Taxi licence for at least 2 years 

(2) Minimum deposit €2500 and will increase depending on year of car

(3) Application fee for Taxi owners is €300

(4) The above terms and conditions are in addition to the standard terms and conditions for the scheme.

(5) Repayments will be greater than €300 per month.


Monthly payments are on average 60% cheaper then the cost of a weekly rental fee for a Taxi + you end up with full ownership - ideal for any driver that wants to avoid expensive Taxi rental schemes.


About Pay As You Go Auto Ltd

The last number of years in Ireland has been a very difficult time to say the least. All of us have been negatively affected by the significant downturn in the economy however for many people the loss of their credit status has created a huge difficulty in their day to day motoring life. Mortgage arrears, Visa card payments and other cash flow restraints have resulted in very decent people being shut off from a day to day credit line that we all took for granted. Pay as You Go Auto Ltd. has been created to counteract that difficulty and to assist people in a structured way allowing them to upgrade their vehicle and pay for it using their debit card. It is designed specifically for people who have zero credit rating, people who are insolvent and more importantly for people who are currently involved in any personal insolvency resolution. We guarantee a 95% approval irrespective of your credit history provided you can confirm full time employment and comprehensive insurance. Applications are dealt with over the phone or in person and they are approved within 24/48 hours. Once approval is sanctioned the customer can order/choose from a selection of vehicles. Vehicles carry a maximum value of €15000. A €1200 deposit is required as well as other terms and conditions albeit that they are simplified and condensed. Pay As You Go is a unique interest free motoring concept in Ireland. It is an alternative payment method to allow you to upgrade your car. Ownership is guaranteed with 25/36 months. Once you take delivery of your car you make payments directly to the dealership with your debit card on a monthly basis. Cars, Vans, Taxi's, and Mobility Vehicles all qualify under the pay as you scheme.

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