Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Monetary Terms & Conditions 

  • The minimum down payment required is €1200
  • Deposits will vary depending on size/year of car and risk profile of the applicant.
  • The minimum monthly premium is €210 and the maximum monthly premium is €365
  • The request for Consideration (application fee) is €210 - 40% of this fee will be refunded if the application is rejected. Application only remains live for 120 days from approval. After 121days client must re-apply but NO fee is charged as info is just updated. Any application that falls outside 121 days or 4 months  will require a revised application which costs €90. Any application that falls outside a current calendar year will be deemed to be exhausted meaning that the client must re-apply with fees. Application approval does not guarantee any atuomatic right to a supplied vehicle. The application fee is a "standalone" transaction and wont be refunded if the cleint decides against progressing to car collection/contract.
  • REFUNDS to the application fee NEVER take place. If the applicant does not proceeed to purchase fees are lost.
  • The documentation fee is €250
  • The payment methods that we accept are debit card or an online bank transfer.We dont accept cash.
  • Impression of debit card is required.
  • All contacts carry a €10 monthly fee
  • Any family on FIS does not qualify.

Supporting Paperwork Required

  • Proof of full time employment ( payslips dated within last 60 days)
  • Proof that you can acquire comprehensive insurance
  • Photo ID
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statments or other types of supporting paperwork might be requested during the application.

If Payment is not made: 

  • No refunds will apply if a client decides to break the agreement by returning the car to Pay As You Go Auto Limited.
  • All payments are deemed to be renatl payments until the contract is complete at which point payments switch from rental to purchase.No refunds apply.
  • Pay as You go Auto Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the agreement without notice if the purchaser fails to meet the agreed terms regarding payment.
  • Any form of legal letter issued during the process by a client will be dealt with in the appropriate manner however please **note that this letter will terminate the agrement instantly allowing for no refunds.

Maintaining your vehicle

  • All service/maintenance work is the responsibility of the cleint. Spot checks during the contract will take place.
  • The cost of this work is not included in the price of the vehicle.
  • All cars are sold with all service work complete. Mechanical and related preperation are covered in the original price however as the car is being purchased weekly and not paid for in advance there will be no warranty. A warranty ( independent Map Free) can be purchased.
  • Sceduled service work must take place during the course of the contract.

Title of the vehicle: Ownership of the vehicle does not pass to the new client until full terms of the agreement have been filled.
Legal Advice: Pay As You Go Auto Ltd recommends that you seek legal advice prior to signing any contract.
Cooling off Period: Each customer can avail of a 14 day cooling off period.

Fees that a customer might choose to use : Optional Only

  •     Pay  As You Go Express ticket €90
  •     Pay As You Go Premium ticket €125
  •     Defer your payment +/- 14 days €40 .. Approval needed.
  •     Unlock a frozen account €100
  •     Replacement contract or duplicate €30
  •     Re- schedule your payment dates €65 ..Approval needed
  •     Appeal the decision €50 and minimum deposit increases by €500

Pay As You Go Auto Limited is not a finance company. 
The agreement does not include interest charges or surcharges. Applicants under the age of 25 might require addional deposit and or a limit (cap) on year of car purchased .
This agreement is not a Hire Purchase Agreement.

** Applying for participation does not guantee any client the specific car that they require. While every care is taken to assist and facilitate  the client with specific requirments we can not guarantee that we can supply the specific orders however we will ensure that alternative options are created. Delivery and supply of cars can vary between 4 days and 8 weeks depending on type of car.

** Note _ Face to face meetings on site by appointment only.We DONT offer a walk in service.



*Some other Terms & Conditions may apply to certain transactions please request further information.



About Pay As You Go Auto Ltd

The last number of years in Ireland has been a very difficult time to say the least. All of us have been negatively affected by the significant downturn in the economy however for many people the loss of their credit status has created a huge difficulty in their day to day motoring life. Mortgage arrears, Visa card payments and other cash flow restraints have resulted in very decent people being shut off from a day to day credit line that we all took for granted. Pay as You Go Auto Ltd. has been created to counteract that difficulty and to assist people in a structured way allowing them to upgrade their vehicle and pay for it using their debit card. It is designed specifically for people who have zero credit rating, people who are insolvent and more importantly for people who are currently involved in any personal insolvency resolution. We guarantee a 95% approval irrespective of your credit history provided you can confirm full time employment and comprehensive insurance. Applications are dealt with over the phone or in person and they are approved within 24/48 hours. Once approval is sanctioned the customer can order/choose from a selection of vehicles. Vehicles carry a maximum value of €15000. A €1200 deposit is required as well as other terms and conditions albeit that they are simplified and condensed. Pay As You Go is a unique interest free motoring concept in Ireland. It is an alternative payment method to allow you to upgrade your car. Ownership is guaranteed with 25/36 months. Once you take delivery of your car you make payments directly to the dealership with your debit card on a monthly basis. Cars, Vans, Taxi's, and Mobility Vehicles all qualify under the pay as you scheme.

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