Application Process

The reason that there is an application process is to allow the dealership to establish what is the best option for both parties. Pay As You Go Auto attracts huge interest therefore we must have a clear understanding of who we feel are the most dependable clients.

During this process we will establish what we think is the best monthly payment that you can afford. This payment will be based on the information that you give us during the application as well as a number of other factors such as consistency of employment, whether or not you are a homeowner or simply renting and also the amount of deposit that you are prepared to pay.

The application process can only be done over the telephone and normally takes no more than 10 minutes. The questions are basic. There is no requirement to produce supporting documentation during the application process. Normally an application will be dealt with within 72 hours however an express service is available which allows the customer to purchase an express ticket guaranteeing the customer an answer on the same day.

Reserve a call back on the home page now and one of our staff will contact you at your preferred time to give you the necessary information or to take an application.

There are two fees involved in getting a vehicle on the scheme. The first is an application fee payable the day that you apply and the second is a documentation fee.