Pay As You Go Premium

Pay As You Go Premium

Premium gives you Extra Spending Power And €1000 Extra Discount If You Get Approved.

> All of the benefits of PAYGO Express with SAME day approval.

> Car value and payment values are open with no limits.

> Car selection made available on the day of application

> If you qualify for premium then we will reduce the screen price of the car by €1,000 which acts like extra deposit.

> Choice of UK premium select cars.

> Automatic use of parachute payments up to extra €1,000 over the first 90 days of the contract.

App fee €325 including the premium ticket

First weekly payment + €100

Client must have minimum deposit value of €4,000 and must be approved for more than €400 monthly. Zero refund on application fee if declined.

Here's how it works:

Apply by phone - 20 questions- 8 minutes. Application fee of €325 to be paid upon application.
Once approved discuss vehicle options and deposit values with our sales team.
Choose a car, van, crew cab or taxi.
Visit Clonmel to collect your new vehicle, set up your new account, pay your documentation fee. Handover of payslips and comprehensive insurance policy.
Pay every fortnight using your debit card. All it takes is a simple text.