Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I break the agreement if my circumstances change?





A:  Yes you can.



Q: Can I increase my deposit in an effort to purchase a newer or bigger car?


A: Yes you can. Individual requirements for clients can be arranged subject to consideration.



Q: What do I do with my trade In?


A: Your trade in is not a problem, we can factor its value into the overall transaction.



Q: I have two part time jobs do I qualify?


A: No you don’t qualify. You must be in full time employment.



Q: I don’t have a mortgage, I rent, do I qualify?


A: Yes.



Q: Do I actually own the car that I am paying for?



A: Yes. Ownership remains with the client once the sticker price is paid in full.


Q: Is this just a rental scheme?


A: No, this is a slow track to ownership.




Q: Are there any hidden costs?


A: No all costs are up front.




Q: Do I pay interest?


A: No




Q: How do I apply?


A: Applications for consideration are taken over the phone or face to face.




Q: Do you supply crewcabs and can I reclaim vat on vans and crewcabs?



A: Yes we supply a range of crewcabs and all come with vat invoices.





Q: I am VRT and Vat exempt ( mobility) can you supply a car with all of the benefits?





A: Yes .. we will use your VRT and Vat as your deposit. UK cars give mobility drivers the same benifits as a new car.






Q: Can I exchange or trade my car during the contract.




A:  Yes but only where cost of contract 1 is fully paid.