Pay As You Go Fleet

Pay As You Go Fleet

You now have the option to purchase or rent a commercial vehicle. You can now arrive and drive without any deposit, hiring a van for either 13 months or 25 months.

There are a number of key advantages in renting from us over the rest of the competition.

(1) No deposit held for rental period.
(2) Between 25-40 % cheaper then all other rental companies.
(3) Convert rent option into buy option givinh you the best of both worlds
(4) No direct debits. Pay with a debit card.
(5) No more bouncing payments. Defer any payment when cashflow is bad.
(6) Write off 36% againts tax. See below.
(7) No insurance surcharge. No toll surcharge as the taxbook is in your name.

There is no such thing as dead rental money with this scheme as you are in control of how and when you pay & you can decide if this is a rent or own scheme.

You must be self-employed to qualify for a zero deposit rental van. You must be VAT registered. Each contract will provide a buyout option at the end of the agreement.

The value of that option will be highlighted upfront day one on the contract. The customer will then have the choice to return the vehicle or buy it out in total.

Rental is fully tax-deductible against future profits. The benefits are reclaiming 23% VAT and writing off all rental payments against profits thus reducing tax giving you an overall saving of 36%. Pay As You Go Fleet is the most tax efficient mode of transport for the self employed.