Pay As You Go Commercials

Pay As You Go Commercials

Avoid crazy rental schemes - Get back on your feet with 100% Ownership.

Pay As You Go Commercials

Quality vans imported from the UK for all but especially supporting the recovery of the self-employed in Ireland.

> Minimum deposit or trade-in €3,000 / Minimum Monthly Pay €350

> Above prices include VAT which can be reclaimed.

> We endeavor to supply most makes and models. All vans are imported from the UK. High spec options are available.

> Ownership guaranteed within 25 months. All tax documentation goes into your name from day one.

> First payment will carry a €100 excess contribution towards carriage from the UK.

> We welcome start ups and self employed buyers

Pay As You Go Commercials is an alternative to the many van drivers who can now only rent a van because of a damaged credit history. Our scheme is on average about 50% cheaper every month than long-term rental and you end up with ownership in less than 3 years. You just pay the dealership with your debit card monthly. All vans come with a full 12 month DOE guarantee. Please note that not all commercials can be sourced on this scheme.


Key Benefits For van Owners:

All Payments are tax deductible, saving you up to 36% on your tax.
Reclaim 23% VAT.
Flexi Options - Now you can rent or buy, or do a bit of both.
All commercial vehicles are supplied via the UK. High spec, and lots of choice.
Avoid bounced or returned Direct Debits. No loans, no banks. Pay every 14 days with your debit card. Manage your cash.

Purchase an express ticket for an extra €90