Pay As You Go Premium

Pay As You Go Premium

More Per Month For Less Upfront


We recognise that life often gets in the way of saving money and that putting a deposit together at times can almost be impossible. Many customers ask if they can increase monthly payments in order to reduce the initial deposit.

Now for the first time you can but only if you qualify as a premium customer.

You can pay more per month and less upfront.

Premium clients must be homeowners, they have to have the ability to pay a minimum of €375 per month and must carry an entry deposit of no less than €2000.

Pay As You Go Premium allows you to purchase a newer car with a deposit for as little as €2000 allowing you to pay higher monthly premiums to bridge the gap.

Other key benefits of being a premium customer are same day approval, superior car choice and a guaranteed minimum upgrade of at least one year at the end of your 25 month contract.

For the first time this package not only allows you to minimise the upfront costs but it also allows you the benefit of upgrading your car every 25 months without having to put your hand in your pocket for any monies other than your monthly payment.



Key benefits for Premium clients:

Less deposit more monthly payments to achieve a newer vehicle.
Minimum upgrade in month 25 of one year without any extra deposit requirements
Apply and get approval on the same day
Superior choice of vehicles available from our fleet partners is both in the UK and here in Ireland.
Guaranteed delivery of 3 cars over a 5 year period.