Pay As You Go Pro

Pay As You Go Pro

Serious Cars For Serious People - Pay Down 40% Pay Off 60%

Within our group we have access to premium UK stock of used BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Jaguars & Volvo cars. Previous ownership was held at a corporate level thus ensuring documented details of all servicing which would includes dates, locations and mileages. Each car offers a blend of visual quality, robust pedigree and strong value for money resulting in immediate availability for clients that require this very unique concept. Most applicants will be from a professional background or will simply require a luxury branded vehicle in order to represent their company in a suitable manner. Other applicants may just need to upgrade their existing luxury car but are unable to given legacy credit issues resulting from the recent downturn. Either way we are now in a position to make available a super selection of luxury car brands direct from the UK up to a maximum value of €50,000. Ownership of these cars is guaranteed within 25 months. All contracts are interest free.

> Minimum down payment is €6,000. Minimum monthly repayment is €400

> You must be a home owner.

> You must be in full-time employment for at least 24 months (same job)

> Application fee €325 – This is step one in the process. Applications are dealt with over the phone.

Documentation fee due on collection of car €300.

Terms: The following terms are in addition to the standard terms and conditions of Pay As You Go Auto. Premium + 1 pricing schedule will be applied to establish retail price. Supply is subject to availability and exchange rates. Age restriction limited to drivers over the age of 28.

Key Points:

As this premium product is imported from the UK, spec is guaranteed.
Do you have a trade in? We will value based on current auction prices.
Pay As You Go Pro is designed for the professional, self employed entrepreneur, however, it is also available to the general public.
40% deposit is based on the Irish retail value of the car.
Self Employed? Repayments could be tax deductible.