90% of all vehicles sold through this scheme are imported from the UK.

Our group has built up strong business connections right throughout the United Kingdom over the last decade allowing us to source and or access significant levels of stock. The scheme allows you to purchase cars, commercial vehicles and certain crew cabs.

The year, spec and mileage of the car that you choose will ultimately be guided by the amount of the deposit that you are paying in advance. Niche luxury models are the only vehicle options that attract a different set of terms and conditions on the scheme.

Standard passenger cars, commercial vehicles, electric vehicles and crew cabs are readily available.

Normally the vehicles range in age between 1 to 5 years. The vehicles are hand-picked by our internal sourcing team provided the vehicle meets a certain grading and once traceability of the vehicle is fully transparent.

There are a few vehicles that are not available on the scheme. Those vehicles often tend to be cars that attract high VRT or jeeps along with certain versions of the SUV segment.

Tips when choosing a car:

(1) Nominate two brands of car that suit your particular needs

(2) Tell us the amount of deposit you have available

(3) Prioritize which is more important, ie mileage, year or spec

When you collect the vehicle at our base in Clonmel, all vehicles are fully prepared. This means all vehicles will have been fully serviced and if items such as timing belts and or tyres are required they will be replaced as part of the overall price. Stress marks on the body will be repaired allowing for appropriate visual and mechanical presentation upon collection.

Pay As You Go Auto Ltd also prides itself on the quality of product that we sell. We are conscious that the relationship between the customer and the dealership will have to be a long-term one given the nature of the transaction therefore, it is imperative that we place customers into quality cars purchase. At any point our car sourcing team has access to a database of over 5000 UK vehicles.