Who Are We

Who Are We


About Pay As you Go Auto LTD

The Beginning 1982- 2011

Our family run company originally started in September 1982 as a independent used car dealer.

In 1985 we acquired our first franchise which was the Peugeot franchise. By 1987 we acquired the Nissan franchise which grew into a relationship that was to last for 24 years.

The year 2000 still remains as the single biggest year in the history of the Irish motor industry with solid volume and strong profit the company expanded and over the next decade we acquired the Renault,Kia and Chevrolet franchises while opening other dealerships in Clonmel & Kilkenny City.

By the end of 2007 the original family business had become a group employing over 70 people. This was 12 months before the global financial crisis of 2008.

2011 to 2014

By 2011 Ireland was 3 years into a deep recession which for us resulted in a disastrous period of trading eventually causing the closures of some of the groups dealerships. At this point the decision was taken to step back from the business of retailing new vehicles and so after 26 years in the new car industry the company resigned all franchises to concentrate on developing a sourcing business which would specialize in sourcing and importing cars from the UK.

This new direction tapped directly into the shortage of quality used cars in Ireland. The company focused on supplying high spec product from the UK at prices that were far more competitive than that of the Irish equivalent cars.

By the end of 2013 the company was beginning to see a return on its investment in terms of being an independent stand-alone operator. WesourceNEcar – the sourcing company was the only recognized official virtual sales programme in Ireland.


In early 2014 the company recognized that it was almost impossible for many people to upgrade their vehicles as result of the lack of liquidity in banks. It was for this reason we launched Pay As You go Auto LTD. A genuine alternative to banks, credit unions and long term car rental for people who were in full-time employment and who had the ability to fund an upgrade of the family car but could not access car finance.

By the end of 2020 the company had cars and vans in almost every town across the country. It had developed a wide customer base, with some of its customers opting for multiple vehicle options – i.e. more than two vehicles within the family. Pay As You Go Auto Ltd had developed a national profile as being the only genuine alternative to traditional car financing and long-term car rental. The service remains exclusive and the company is still in private ownership.