Why it Works

Why it Works

The success of the scheme is about understanding what the customer can afford to pay today. It is not based on the customer’s history but more importantly on the customer’s ability to pay here and now.

Too many banks remove the human aspect when it comes to making the decision on granting an applicant a loan. We are about working with people and providing a facility that is the exact opposite of the bank. There are no standing orders, no direct debits, no red tape and no fuss. There isn’t even interest charges.

This is a scheme where the customer plays an active role in paying for the car every month. You pay full screen price. Just pay down your deposit and pay off the balance over an agreed period and then ( just like your mobile phone ) you can upgrade your vehicle after 25 months.

The scheme focuses on who you are and what you can afford. It understands the challenges of life and the enormous day-to-day costs of raising a family.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Pay As You Go Auto allows you to take control of when you pay, how you pay and what you pay while also giving you the ability to rotate and upgrade your vehicle every two years. It gives you the option of contacting the dealership to stop or stall a payment if you’re having a bad cash week. This scheme more than anything is full of common sense and designed to help people. Pay As You Go Auto is flexible in many different ways to allow both parties to do business.